Terms & Conditions 

These are really important so please make sure you read them carefully. 


Your date is reserved and your cake order confirmed only upon execution of the contract and when the deposit is received by Claire's Classy Cakes. Provisional bookings will only be held for 2 weeks. The deposit shall be equal to 50% of the total balance and is required to reserve the date. The deposit/date retainer fee is non-refundable and only transferable at my discretion.



Payment of the remaining balance, if any, is due by one month before your event. If payment is not received within 1 month before your event we reserve the right to refuse your order. Absolutely no refunds shall be granted within 14 days of the event.



If the order is cancelled, your 50% deposit is non-refundable, payment is required for any and all expenses already incurred on behalf of the finished product. If you cancel within 7 days of your event full payment will be invoiced.



We shall not be liable for any failure to perform, where such failure or delay results from any circumstances outside our reasonable control including but not limited to any fire, flood, explosion, accident, adverse weather conditions, traffic congestion, mechanical breakdown, obstruction of any private or public highway, riot, government act, act of war, terrorism, act of God, or from any industrial dispute or strike whatsoever. In the event of exceptional circumstances, such as serious illness, Claire's Classy Cakes will give as much notice as possible if we are unable to fulfil your order. We will endeavour to find someone else who can produce your order and will refund you any monies already paid



Claire's Classy Cakes is NOT an allergy-free kitchen. We cannot guarantee that our products are free from ingredients that may affect those with food allergies, but all efforts are made to minimise this risk where requested. At Claire's Classy Cakes we recognise the seriousness of food allergies and we recommend that you contact us before you place an order to inform us of any food allergies that you or your party may have. Claire's Classy Cakes will not assume any liability for adverse reactions to our products.


The following ingredients are used in our kitchen:


•                Milk and other dairy products

•                Eggs

•                Nuts: peanuts, pecans, walnuts, almonds, cashews, coconut

•                Wheat and gluten

Please note that some food colourings may have an effect on behaviour in children.



No responsibility can be taken by Claire's Classy Cakes for any subsequent damage once the cake has been handed over to the customer or venue. Claire's Classy Cakes will not be liable should the customer believe there are any problems with the cake once it has been accepted, this includes design, colour etc. Claire's Classy Cakes will make every possible effort to create and safely deliver your cake. High temperatures can adversely affect your cake. It is your responsibility to arrange with the venue an appropriate spot for the cake, out of direct sunlight and away from unnecessary heat. 



Claire's Classy Cakes reserves the right to photograph your cake for our own reference, display or promotional advertising without compensation to you. A photo can be sent to the clients' phone to show set up on the day when it has to be delivered.



You may wish to supply us with sample colours (i.e. ribbon/material). Whilst an exact match cannot be guaranteed we will endeavour to meet your requirement as far as possible. This also applies to food colourings and icings. We can only create your finished order from what we interpret from the wording of your order; therefore it is vital you check everything is correct. It may not be possible to create exact specifications when modelling food, however, we will work with you, often using sketches to ensure you are happy with the design.



Claire's Classy Cakes aims to meet your requirements and understands that sometimes situations occur which can result in you wanting to change your order. Please contact us as early as possible to ensure any changes can be actioned, generally, 2 weeks’ notice is required for any changes



DO NOT place the cake on a seat in the car, seats are slanted and can damage the cake. The cake should be placed either in the boot or the footwell of the car on a non-slip mat (if you do not have one, please ask). Extra care should be taken when driving as some elements may be delicate. Claire's classy Cakes cannot take any responsibility for damage to cakes when collected and transported by their customers.